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"In a Better World"

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Best Foreign Film "In a Better World"

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Josh Bennett, Show of Force, NY

Thank you and your team for hanging in their when things got tough and for helping make sure we got everything we needed and our shoot was a great success.  Everyone on our Kenya team worked extremely hard and long hours, and my gratitude and appreciation go out to all of them. Thank you also for keeping a calm oversight over all the craziness! 

Carine Sansregret, Productions Occupation Double, Montreal Canada.

I have been working on tv shows filmed around the world for the past 8 years and we all know how a good fixer can make or break a shoot.
Pontact Productions and especially Jenny and James, have proven once again how much they know their stuff and how easy they make everything.
They helped us greatly in pre-production with putting us in touch with the right people and they were able to facilitate every aspect of our shoot.
It is the third time we’ve worked with them while filming shows, from a 3 people crew to a 25 people crew they showed the same quality of work.
They respected our budget. They are nice to their own crew and are very respectful of the environment they are in.
If we could have such local allies at all our locations, our lives would be much easier.

I look forward to crossing their paths shortly.

2011 Golden Globe Winner
Zentropa Entertainments 16
"In a Better World"
Producer: Sisse Graum Jørgensen
"Working with you has truly been one of the most successful working relationships I have ever had and I'm so grateful for the experience. Your professionalism and expertise is unparalleled and I would recommend you to anyone anytime anywhere."

Peter Mudamba, Kenyan Producer/Director/Actor
"Jenny and team you deserve the congrats your great input to film in Kenya knowing that it is not the first award that you company has won what with your earlier award with Nowhere in Africa? Great work, what about a screening then?"

Kim Rune, Former Kenyan Make-up Artist
"I am not at all surprised to hear you are the best in Africa in your field. I know you are outstanding in your work ethic and despite often difficult and challenging circumstances you are one person who knows how to ride the wave and come out a winner."

Ali Mwangola, freelance crew member
"Congrats to the cast and crew for the Golden Globe award, you've got the Midas Touch!"

d.i.e. FILM GmbH
“Winter Journey” (Winterreise)

Rene Loew (Line Producer)
“I am overly impressed”

Josef Bierbichler (Principal Actor)
“You run a very good company”


"Nowhere in Africa"
Peter Herrmann (Producer)

"Kenya and movies are synonimous and have a shared history. Hollywood shot classics in Kenya, such as "The Snows of Kilimajaro", "Mogambo", "Hatari" and "Out of Africa", always expensive but also very, very successful.
My secret weapon was Jenny Pont, our Kenyan Production Coordinator. Since my first arrival she did almost everything to convince me , Caroline and Gernot that the film had to be made in Kenya.
She found our excellent professional crew, and had for every and any problem a solution, or knew somebody to assist and help us.
She convinced me not to go to South.Africa.
Also, we saw the film " I Dreamed of Africa " and saw Pokot tribespeople portrayed by Zulu's, unpleasant as it was ethnologically impossible.
During a party organized for us by our drivers and crew around a campfire in the bush, I told them that I was extremely surprised to see such a professionalism in Kenya. They showed me their country, and convinced me that one can make a major film in Kenya. I would be very happy to find such a team anywhere in the world."
click HERE to go to "Nowhere in Africa" page



"Mountains of the Moon"
Terry Clegg (Producer)

"Jenny possesses an admirable temperament and is more than able to cope with any emergency or crisis that happens to come her way. She has an unfailing ability to create calm in the midst of confusion and yet possesses qualities of authority and diplomacy quite rare in the hustle and bustle of modern film making"


"Dying of the Light"
Peter Kosminsky (Director)

"I have very happy memories of filming in Kenya, not least the joy of that first shot in Mamburi when we called for quiet and every member of the crew slipped sweetly and efficiently into their role ~ like water for a dry thirst after the chaos of Ghana"


"Road Rules ~ Semester at Sea"
Jonathan Taylor (Producer), Clay Newbill (Supervising Producer)

"We especially want to thank you for coordinating our visa and for hooking us up with John Mbugua, who couldn't of been nore helpful! You were both so incredibly accomodating during our production and our entire experience in Kenya was one in which moved both our cast and crew"

"On behalf of MTV and the entire "Road Rules" crew, I would like to thank you for your invaluable assistance in making our shoot in Kenya a great success"


"Celtel Commercial"

"Your contribution to Celtel made the commercial as beautiful as it is. Thank you for making our trip to Kenya unforgettable"




"Thanks for a great production."



"Love Actually"
Richard Curtis (Writer-Director)

"I've got a distinct feeling those will be remembered as our best two days.

Thanks to EVERYONE - the footage looks gorgeous - the giant prawns were giant and we all had a spendid time"


"Comic Relief"
Kimberley Littlemore (Producer - Director}

"Thank you so much for all the hard work that you and your team put into the shoot last week for Comic Relief. I really enjoyed the shoot and that is largely thanks to the way that you and Mary worked so closely and neatly together to make everything run so smoothly"









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