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Best Foreign Film "In a Better World"

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In a Better World
Taking the Flak


(FEATURE) "ToloTolo" Tao Due s.r.l.

(DOC) “El Rey de la Sabana”  Spanish crew filming wildlife in the Masai Mara.  Director of Photography: Miguel Tomas


(DOC) Interviews with Ann Olivecrona and her team who are transferring captive chimpanzees from South Sudan to a sanctuary in Zambia.

JULY 2018
(FEATURE) “Kazakh Business in Africa”   Kaztelproduct. Almaty, Kazakhstan
Director:  Anvar Matzhanov
Hilarious slapstick film starring Kazakhstan’s most famous comedy duo.

JULY 2018

Jenny accompanied 7 Masai’s to Johannesburg on a 4 day trip where they featured in a TV commercial for Emirates

JULY 2018

Jenny accompanied 7 Masai’s to Johannesburg on a 4 day trip where they featured in a TV commercial for Emirates

JUNE 2018
(DOC) Hubertusjagd “The Hubertus Hunt”
Travel series for Red Bull TV introduced by Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe – photographer, skier, musician – who travels the world meeting remarkable personalities.

JUNE 2018
(DOC) Wasted Talent.  Focusing on Nu Kenyan Hip Hop group. The show is introduced by local hip hop artistes Octopizzo and the Cosmic Homies.   Director: Nicholas Decosemo

MAY 2018
(CORPORATE)  Sanlam celebrating 100 Years.  Corporate Carbon Collective, Cape Town.

MAY 2018
(DOC) BLIK Film, Utrecht, Holland.  About a Dutch NGO facilitating free health care to truck drivers.  Director:  Thomas Endeman

(DOC) “Staying Alive”  Partners in Action Youth Group reaching out to drivers and conductors with HIV prevention messages.  Director:  Charlie Sarsfield

(D0C) “Maritime Silk Road” with IFA (In Focus Asia whom we worked with in January 2014). Episode 3 of a 3-part series for National Geographic Channel.  The show chronicles the journey of ancient Chinese maritime explorer Zheng He and how his voyages are still relevant in today’s trading landscape around the world.   Director:  Dominic Young

(CORPORATE) Endemol Shine Beyond.  Filming U-tubes for German NGO, DSW, involving four German influencers taking part in activities with local Kenya sponsors.  Director of Photography : Markus Kanert


(TVC) “RABO BANK – Kickstart Food Programme”   Planet EGG, Netherlands.  Director: Krijn van Noordwijk

(DOC) “Nairobi Revisited”  Rolf Seelmann-Egbert CBE, Africa Correspondnt for German Radio and ARD Television from 1968 to 1977 revisits Nairobi and the office that he set up (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevolkerving) and co-founded 25 years ago.   Director:  Rolf Seelmann-Egbert

(MUSIC) Leaving James behind to organize the “Kibera Blues” shoot for Connie Neilsen .  A little background – Connie was the star of a Danish kids’ adventure movie we shot in Nairobi in 2010 entitled “Lost in Africa”.  The main location was Kibera slum which affected Connie profoundly and resulted in her forming a trust to raise US$2 million and build the Kibera Town Centre which has changed thousands of lives.  It has a borehole and state of the art filtration system and world class unique waste water system.  It is entirely solar powered.   As well as toilets and hot showers, modern laundry, a cafeteria and cybercafé, KTC provides an empowerment service including training, library, music academy, and community support programmes.
In February 2017, Connie herself wrote and directed a music video “Kibera Blues”, produced by Pontact and incorporating cast and some crew from Kibera.

(TELEVISION) “Wish you were here” (Liefs Uit) for KRO/NCRV.  Dutch TV show filming the daily life of Rhoda who is hoping to join her Dutch boyfriend in Netherlands.

Jenny accompanied 10 Masai’s to Cape Town.

(CORPORATE) “Vestas – The Windiest Place on Earth”.  The Copenhagen Film Company, Denmark.  A Corporate documentary for Vestas, a Danish company developing the Turkana Wind Farm demonstrating the importance of green energy in Kenya. Director: Charlie Fisher

(REALITY) Working with Fox Base Alpha from South Africa, we facilitated Red Bull Social Fabric.  Red Bull’s digital platform features inspirational and entertainment programmes.   This was the Kenyan part of a journey around the world of men’s fashion, presented by design genius Kyle Ng.

JULY 2016
(TELEVISION) Al Jazeera “Rebel Education” series.  Glasshead Productions, London.
Revolutionising education in Kenya with the African Prisons Project in Kamiti  Maximum Prison and Langata Womens Prison.  Director:  Doug Bolton

MAY 2016
Jenny visited Germany with a Kenyan delegation which included the Permanent Secretary and officials from Ministry of Sports & Culture, at the invitation of German Government through One Fine Day Films.

(DOC) Secretary Jewell’s trip to Africa for Discovery Channel.  Triosphere, Director of Photography: Jim Ball

(CORPORATE) “Pontus Westerberg Transparency”   FASAD, Sweden

(DOC) “Action for Wildlife – Elephants”   Oakland Zoo, California.  Director:  Nancy Filipi

(DOC)  “1000 Days” for South American TV series about baby’s first 100 days.  Director of Photography : Felipe Mejia

(EVENT)  CNN African Journalist of the Year Award Ceremony
Pontact’s great pleasure to work again with CAP Events from South Africa, and
Mark West and his super professional team.  A glitzy event at the Kenya International Convention Centre attended by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta.
This was the 20th Anniversary of the prestigious award and 10 years since the first time it was held outside of South Africa in 2004 which was also facilitated by Pontact Productions.

(CORPORATE) Shots for Africa Oil website.  Popkorn Courtyard Studio, London.  Director: Rory Wheeler

(CORPORATE) Shot a “teaser” for a forthcoming Swedish TV series on poaching.

AUGUST 2015 – FL Concepts Paris
(DOC) “Mama Hyena”.  Documentary on world renowned Hyena researcher, Kay Holekamp, in the Masai Mara.

JULY 2015
(REALITY) VOL 920 – Productions 920 Inc. Montreal
Canada’s longest running and most popular reality show overriding similar shows along the lines of Survivor and Big Brother by over 1m Canadian viewers.  They travel to 9 countries per season as the number of contestants decreases. Director: Guillaume St.Arnaud.

JUNE 2015
(DOC) “The Age of Loneliness”  Direct Cinema Inc, Santa Monica
Interviews with wildlife experts on saving rhino and elephants in Africa.

(DOC) “The Last of the Longnecks”   Iniosante, New Braunfels, Texas.   Director:  Ashley Scott-Davidson

APRIL 2015
(TELEVISION) “Vermisst” (Missed)  Endemol, Cologne, Germany
Series re-uniting long lost families.  A 42 year-old man who was put up for adoption in Germany is searching for his Kenyan mother.  Director:  Hans Joachim Gerken

APRIL 2015
(DOC) “The Crowd and the Cloud”    Day’s Edge Production, Miami.   Director: Dr. Neil Losin

MARCH 2015
(DOC) “Women Entrepreneurs around the World”     Ellipsis Pictures, NY.

MARCH 2014 – El Kabir

(TELEVISION) “Hzelqom in Africa” with (SEL Media Egypt).  African episode of the Egyptian comedy series hugely popular throughout the Middle East.  However, an experience Kenya would rather forget as they left owing money

(DOC) “The Spirit of Safari”   One Planet, Paris.   Guide to the ultimate safari introduced by Perrine Crosmary.  Director:  Marcel Wack

(DOC) “Brothers of Elephants”    FL Concepts, Paris.  About Daphne Sheldrick’s grandsons Roan and Taru Carr Hartley, who have grown up with the DSWT orphans.

(CORPORATE) “Fragile healthcare infrastructure”  SAP SE, Germany.  Explaining software to be used to a cervical cancer project in Eldoret and Heidelberg.

JANUARY 2014  -  Infocus Asia
(DOC) Documentary series about UNESCO World Heritage sites highlighting developments and changes around Lake Turkana which is a World Heritage Site. Title : “UNESCO Access 360 World Heritage Kenya”

JAN 2014 -  Vogue Paris Print Editorial, photographing models in various beautiful Kenyan backgrounds.

JANUARY 2014  -  Monsanto.
(DOC) How drought resistant seed is helping African farmers.  WEMA

(REALITY) Half the Sky Movement.  Show of Force, NY.
Focusing on empowerment of women worldwide, this episode concerning Shining Hope NGO in Kibera with special guest presenters, Mia and Ronan Farrow.

APRIL 2012
(TVC)  Airtel Rwanda Launch
Director:  Marius van Graan

(FEATURE) “Il Paese Delle Piccolo Pioggi” (The Country with Little Rains)
Comedy Movie s.r.l., Rome

Director:  Sergio Martino

JULY 2011
(FEATURE) “Inside Story”   Curious Pictures, South Africa
Director:  Rolie Nikiwe

2010 December: Kenyan Artisans (Documentary)
2010 September: Rich, Famous and in the Slums (Reality/Actuality series)
2010 August: Philips (Documentary)
2010 March-April: Kidnappet (Feature Film)
2009 October: Doctors from Hippo Lake (Feature Film)
2009 October: In a Better World (Feature Film)
2009 July-September: Going Home (Reality series)
2009 July: Atlas (Documentary)
2009 June: Klimanord (TV)
2009 May: Banged Up Abroad (Docu-drama)
2008 December: Humana (TVC)
2008: Night (Documentary)
2008 August-September: BBC Taking the Flak (TV)
2008 August: Mercedes (Stills)
2007 December: Lipton’s Tea (TVC)
July-September: Heart of Fire (Feature Film)
2007 January: Pilot Episode: BBC Calais Rules (TV

In a Better World
2011 Golden Globe
Best Foreign Film

Zentropa Entertainments 16

October 2009

Heart Of Fire

Heart of Fire

TV-60 Film
Director Luigi Falorni

Amber Studio,
January - March 2006

d.i.e. film
March 2005
“Winter Journey” (Winterreise) Thirteen intense days of shooting in diverse and stunning locations. German crew and cast left with such comments as “You run a very good company” (principal actor Josef Bierbichler), and “I am overly impressed” (line producer Rene Loew).

Fortis TVC for Czar
January 2005

Senseo "Pluto" for Milly Films
November 2004

“Ich will laufen – Der Fall Dieter Baumann”, Neue Filmproduktion from Berlin,
came for a week’s shoot with a small crew including Director, Diethard Kleint, and principal actor Hans Werner Meyer, to shoot the beauty shots of Baumann’s high altitude training in Kenya. This was a“commando” shoot, a Pontact speciality using a small and efficient crew,easy to move and seize that special opportunity when it arises.

“The White Masai” ("Die Weisse Maassai”)
for Constantin Film ,Munich.
This was a logistically challenging, physically taxing shoot from August-November in 2004, a three month build and 6 weeks of the shoot taking place in Ngelai in a remote corner of North Eastern Kenya.
We have no doubt the awesome, wild beauty of this part of the country and it’s wonderful Samburu people will be revealed when “Die Weisse Maassai” is released on 5th September, 2005. Producers, accountants
and crew left Kenya very satisfied with Pontact’s services, and vowing
to return.


White Masai Album

“The Last Breakthrough” – TV drama series for Hong Kong’s TVB.
We eagerly await our DVD copies of the Africa part of this 30 part
Series which was aired in March in Hong Kong and mainland China.
Lasting friendships were made and we look forward to visiting Hong
Kong on Kenya Airways new route to the Far East.











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