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JUNE 2003

In spite of our new truly democratic government, and the huge strides it has taken in a very short time to rectify the mistakes of the previous government - our so-called best friends and allies, the USA and UK, seem intent on destroying our very existence.

In May, the Minister for Internal Security announced that it was thought that a suspected Al Qaeda terrorist might be hiding in Kenya, and that there was therefore a possible threat of terrorist attacks. Of course, the media greedily seized on this and caused a major panic worldwide, with British Airways immediately stopping all flights to Kenya, and the US State Department and British Foreign Office issuing the highest level travel advisories to their citizens. As a result, many tourists cancelled their holidays to Kenya, others postponed and the hoped for bookings for the start of the tourist High Season failed to materialise. Many coast hotels are threatened with closure and thousands of employees in the tourism sector are being laid off countrywide. The snowball effect is hitting other industries who supply the tourist trade. It is estimated that the country has lost over five million US dollars in tourist revenue. And with the African extended family tradition - every job lost will affect at least five other Kenyans.

The US and UK diplomatic missions sporadically close siting "specific terrorist threats", but they are yet to substantiate any of these. Kenya has stretched its meagre resources to the limit to meet the UK's eight conditions on security. The one remaining condition - The Suppression of Terrorism Bill 2003 - is about to be rushed through Parliament. It has been revealed that the "most wanted" terrorist named in the initial report in May was a minor operative in an Al Qaeda cell, was thought to be in Somalia, and was never actually seen in Kenya.

Kenya owes thanks to the governments of France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Hungary for their support in recently lifting the travel ban to Kenya.

Pontact Productions wishes to inform all our friends and clients worldwide that the Kenya they know is unchanged - spectacular unspoilt locations and wonderful friendly people. Security has been visibly stepped up at Airports, hotels, city buildings and shopping malls. Contact us at any time for a current and honest assessment of the situation - even an official government statement, if you require it.

The Ultimate Irony
Amid dire warnings from US and UK diplomats not to gather in public places, the British High Commissioner saw fit to hold his annual Queen's Birthday bash at "the Residence" in Nairobi's posh Muthaiga suburb. With all the leading British businessmen in Kenya and their wives and the entire Diplomatic community consorts, quaffing their whiskeys and G&T's well into the night - what more tempting Terrorist Target? But did anything happen? Of course not!
However, last weekend, a comedian (?) dressed as Osama Bin Laden successfully gate-crashed Prince William's 21st Birthday Party at Windsor Castle, leaped on stage, grabbed the microphone and kissed the Prince on both cheeks, in the presence of the Queen and all the royals!









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