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"In a Better World"

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Best Foreign Film "In a Better World"

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Documentaries and Stills

 May – Pro-Tour from Kazakhstan promoting specialized travel destinations for the elderly

February   “Staying Alive”  Partners in Action Youth Group. 
Director:  Charlie Sarsfield      Producer:  Abi Ogunmwonyi

May  BLIK Film, Utrecht, Holland.
Director:  Thomas Endeman   Producer:  Ann den Boer

June   Nu Hip Hop Kenya   Wasted Talent.  Los Angeles
Director: Nicholas Decosemo

June   Hubertusjagd “The Hubertus Hunt”

October “El Rey de la Sabana”   Director of Photography: Miguel Tomas

January   Secretary Jewell’s trip to Africa for Discovery Channel.  Triosphere, Director of Photography: Jim Ball   Producer:  Yvette Oosthuizen

September   “Nairobi Revisited”   Director:  Rolf Seelmann-Egbert    Producer:  Florian Seelman-Egbert

November  “Maritime Silk Road”     Infocus Asia, Singapore 
Director:  Dominic Young    Producer:  Nam Sukanya

February      “Brothers of Elephants”    FL Concepts, Paris. 

March  “The Spirit of Safari”   One Planet, Paris..    Director:  Marcel Wack

March  “Women Entrepreneurs around the World”     Ellipsis Pictures, NY.

April   “The Crowd and the Cloud”    Day’s Edge Production, Miami.   Producer/Director: Dr. Neil Losin

April-May  “The Last of the Longnecks”   Iniosante, New Braunfels, Texas.   Producer/Director:  Ashley Scott-Davidson

June  “The Age of Loneliness”  Direct Cinema Inc, Santa Monica

August   “Mama Hyena”   FL Concepts Paris

October  “1000 Days”   Director of Photography : Felipe Mejia

October  “Action for Wildlife – Elephants”   Oakland Zoo, California.  Producer/Director:  Nancy Filipi

JAN 2014  - 
“UNESCO Access 360 World Heritage Kenya”  Infocus Asia, Singapore
Producer:  Lena Iryanti-Lewis     Director of Photography:  Kris Denton



Ochlophobia,Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH, Austria, Director Werner Boote ,Producer Michael Melsterhofer, February
CFW Health store fundraising video Blue Marble, USA, Director Michael Pietrobon, Producer Steve Petzer , January

The Nairobi Marathon, Worldwide Media, South Africa, Director  Deborah Leibnitz, Producer  Deborah Leibnitz, October           
Kids around the World, Nickelodeon, MTVN, USA,  Director Abe Martinez, Producer Charles Parker, May
Marley , Cowboy Films, UK , Director  Michelle Comber , Producer  Geraldine Hawkins, February
Third Eye, FBC Medic, UK for BBC World , Director Kate Russell , Producer Kate Russell , January
Develop or Die FBC Media, UK for BBC World, Director Kate Russell , Producer Kate Russell , January

Nairobi 515 Energiebau Solarstromsysteme GMBH, Germany, December
Kenyan Artisans One Dash 22 PTE Limited, Singapore, December
Wildwives of Savannah Lane One Planet, Paris, November-December
Wild Orphans One Planet, Paris, November-December
The Nairobi Marathon World Wide Media, South Africa, October
Philips Vision 2015 Passion Pictures, London, August
Report on Bavarian State Minister of Environment & Public Health-Dr. Markus Soeder in Kenia SAT .1 Bayern, Germany, August
The Big Kick Africa Nu Projects, South Africa, May
Meru - When A Park Comes Back To Life Stratus Factory, France, March
Africa Needs Protection Skopia Films, France, January

The Nairobi Marathon  Worldwide Media, Johannesburg   Oct
Bus d’Ailleurs: Kenya   Aller Retour Productions, Paris   Oct
 (National Geographic) Atlas 4D – Rift Valley Darlow Smithson, London  Aug
Extreme Fishing with Robson Greene 3  IWC Media, Glasgow  Aug
Nokia/Siemens Connectivity  Moving Brands, London  Mar
Desperate Wildwives One Planet, Paris  Jan

Mordu de la Peche / The Fishing Adventure Martine Rathel Moore Comm, Montreal Nov
The Nairobi Marathon 2008  Worldwide Media Jo’burg Oct
Desperate Wildwives  One Planet, Paris  Oct-Dec
(Animal Planet) Night series (10 episodes) Authentic Entertainment LA Aug-Sep-Oct
Angry Planet (Kenya)  Pinewood Films Inc, Canada  Oct
Mercedes (Stills shoot)  Add Pictures Produktions Service, Munich  Aug
Norbrook Laboratories (corporate) MacMillan Media, Belfast Jul
Blood of the Irish  Crossing the Line Films, Ireland Jun
(History Channe) The Conservationists (series)  Cabana 9 Media, LA, USA Mar
Here to Stay – Wangari Maathai interview   K1 Productions, Paris  Feb

Lipton’s Tea (Stills shoot) Evidencia Africa Productions, Cape Town  Dec
A Rough Guide to …  Lion TV, London  Nov
The Nairobi Marathon 2007  Kaelo Worldwide Media Jo’burg Nov
All Faiths Crusade  Faith Landmarks Ministries, Virginia USA Oct
World Nomad – Positive Footprints Kenya  Trent O’Donnell, Australia Sep
A Cluster of Rocks and a Tattered Book  Build African Schools Org, San Jose USA Aug
Geo & Geo  Procom Communication Group, Rome Aug

Climate Change Wag TV Nov
The Nairobi Marathon 2006 Kaelo Worldwide Media  Jo’burg Oct
All Faiths Crusade Faith Landmarks Ministries, Virginia USA Aug
Les Bébés Animaux – La Rivière Rouge de Samburu Marathon Films Paris Jan

Les Bébés Animaux – The Plains of the Mara Triangle Marathon Films, Paris Dec
(National Geographic) Seconds from Disaster – Nairobi Bomb Blast   Nov
(History Channel International) Interstitials Oct
Bienvenue dans mon Pays 2 Marathon Films, Paris
Ma Vie a la Ferme Marathon Films, Paris
The In Between World of M.G. Vassanji Cogent Benger Prods, Canada May

Karen Blixen – Out of this World Nordisk Film, Denmark  Aug

Wildlife Ranger Report Ivo Niehe Produkties, NL Oct
Comic Relief Naked Ground Force, BBC
Dieren Manieren (Animal Manners), Ivo Niehe Produkties, NL Sep


Red Cross Measles Initiative PCH Productions, USA  Jun

Africa’s Child of the Millenium Cal Turner/Northsouth Productions/Richard O’Keefe
Secret History – Mau Mau Lion TV, London Jul.
MTV Road Rules – Semester at Sea Bunim Murray/Bruce Toms
To Walk a Mile (2 episodes) KO Productions, USA Jan

100 Years of Struggle Set Productions, Israel Nov.

The Grand Tour Jupiter Entertainment, Tennessee Sep.
Animalmanners TROS TV, Netherlands, Aug.
Golden Ark TROS TV, Netherlands, May

Anatomy of Love (Series) Primedia, Toronto May-Jun.

Noah’s Ark RTI Canale 5, Milan Jan-Feb 91









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